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January 06, 2010


Sherry Borzo

Great, great post Larry. Can't tell you the number of photos I've gone through that are not marked. Sadly, many of those happen to be mine! It is overwhelming to start the project. It is a terrific reason to let a professional help you get it done. Left to our own devices we procrastinate. Or is that just me?


Larry - I agree completely! My Mom and I began organizing my paternal Grandmother's photos during the summer. Many were 'pasted' in books and others were simply stacked in a box. We decided to label the ones we could while consulting with Dad on his memories of the family. Then we began organizing them in photo safe books (at my endless nagging). My Dad passed away during the week of Christmas and Mom and I have just this week began to work again on the process. Realizing that he's now gone and cannot help with any of the identifying is heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time. Getting those photos identified as soon as they're found is more important than many realize. Thanks for bringing attention to this!

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