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June 08, 2009



Larry, does this mean Baby Jenette's remains stay in Joliet under the playground but the stone will be in Iowa? Somehow that doesn't seem "right".

Larry Lehmer

According to the Chicago Tribune story, no one asked for any remains to be moved. Presumably this means that the playground now rests atop the remains of those who were buried there, including Baby Jenette.

Gina Wysocki

Since we knew the cemetery was in operation from 1833-1916, only a few hundred were documented, however, no one knows where they were buried. Knowing that her marker was found on top of her footstone, for an impression was found on the footstone, it was theorized that her stones were buried over one on top of the other. So, she may not have been beneath the tombstones, but buried somewhere on the hill. In addition, it would be disresptful to unearth the remains, not knowing who is who under the soil. Knowing this, what would be achieved by doing so? What would be the purpose? There is no way to link the tombstones to the individuals that may still rest in the cemetery, for the soil was disturbed to build the school in the late 1890's.

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