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January 06, 2009




Interesting post! Just think, if you would not have found it and asked, you'd have never known your alter-feminine-ego.



What an interesting story! If I'd been a boy I imagine I would have been given the name my brother received a year later. I envision an interesting conversation with my mother later in the week.


Great story!

I was born before sonograms as well, and my mother's doctor had assured her I was to be a boy, based on my "activity level" and the strength and rate of my heartbeat. As I was my parents' first (and only) child, they believed him.

So, up until the moment I came into the world, my name was Erik William.

There was a bit of a scramble shortly thereafter to come up with a girl's name: Amy.

I may have been an unexpected pair of X chromosomes, but my dad made darn sure I could throw a ball "properly" by the time I was 5!

-Amy (who was Erik for five months)


I would have definitely been Alvin Jr. - My folks already had a first-born girl, and I've been told that had I been a boy, they wouldn't have had any more children. Since I was a girl, they did have one more - finally the boy my dad had been wanting - and his name is Alvin Jr. I'm sure that's what they'd have named me if I'd been the boy. Great story!

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