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July 07, 2008



Interesting ... I've always seen my father as old! Maybe it's because among my peers I've typically always had the oldest parents. In many ways, though, Dad seemed older than his parents -- more serious anyway. Still when people enter their eighties and literally begin shrinking, one realizes, this is it: he's OLD!

Ruth Stephens

On your post about your dad, my dad soon to be 79 in August, had a cardiac bypass last October. We were allowed to see him in ICU after they got him ready for surgery (all the tubes, etc in place), but before he actually went to the OR. He was sedated to place the IV monitoring line into his heart, so when we saw him he was really knocked out, no teeth, no glasses, etc. It suddenly struck me: My Dad is old! My Dad has always been very healthy, active, does about anything he wants. Never sick. He's my Dad and when I'm around him, I still feel like I'm 10 years old and he will always be there to for me. I almost broke down and cried when I saw him before surgery. I have never seen him like that before, and it was really a shock! Thank heavens he came throught the surgery just fine and now is back to his old ways of good health and activity. Please, never take your Dad for granted! I have all these years and the thought of him leaving me was unbearable!

Larry Lehmer

Great observations, Brenda and Ruth. While my Dad at 87 obviously isn't the same man he was at 27, since I knew him as a younger man than either of my grandfathers he'll always seem younger than them even though he's lived longer than either of them.

Eric Lehmer

Uncle Larry,
I'm not sure if it's the years that I am putting behind me or if it's that Dad still "plays", but the older I get, Dad still stays the same. He continues to defy my childhood ideas of what "old" is. I thought that my 57 year old dad would be "old", but he isn't. He continues to help me with my construction projects and outworks me and my 29 year old body. Age is only a number and your perspective definitely changes based on your memories and as your own age increases. It continues to give me hope for the next 30+ years of my life and seeing how good of health that Grandpa is and has been in leaves me hopeful.
I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate the history you give. Keep it up.

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