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July 30, 2008




I'm with you on this one! I hate being "labeled" in general because labels are stereotypes. I'm technically a "Gen X-er" and I despise the term...and you're right that folks at either end of the "designated" time period don't really share any generational-type things in common. Stop the madness!



I think most forms of labeling have severe limitations. On one hand they help us find others with commonalities (allowing us to form tribes of sorts) ... but they also homogenize us. For example, at 47, I appreciate the vantage-points of other "baby-boomers" who have entered midlife and provide me with examples of how to address the issues I'm facing at this phase of life. But sometimes I'm more like the 20-somethings with my Playstation game and similar mindset. I don't quite fit the boomer stereotype ... and I don't think any of us do 100%. (And that's a good thing!)


I just randomly came across your blog but I think you make a pretty good point in this article. I'm a millennial, born in 1990 and the problem that I have with the term 'generation' is that it's basically putting people into a category.

Like you say people born in 1979 vs 1980, the difference between them is indifferent.

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