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June 13, 2008



What is Firefox and why would I want to download it? Advantages?

Larry Lehmer

Firefox is an open-source web browser that many people use instead of the browser king, Internet Explorer. I find Firefox to be easier, faster, safer and much more intuitive to use than IE. There are lots of opinions out there. Here's a link to one article on the IE-Firefox matter: http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/28845
There's lots more out there if you want to dig a little deeper, Pat.


I'm surprised that you haven't mentioned family stories here as a gift! My Dad loves hearing them, and while that wasn't a father's day present, my siblings and I are putting together a PowerPoint slideshow that we intend to share -- will full narration -- at their 50th anniversary this August.

Larry Lehmer

Family stories make a great gift anytime, Brenda. That Powerpoint will be a big hit, I'm sure. Let us know if you make it available in cyberspace.

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