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May 02, 2008


Janice Brown

Holy Amazons! Fascinating post!


Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Janice. I never dreamed I'd be part of "an endangered gender." Dang it!


I stumbled across your entry through a friend's blog and I have to say, the rampant sexism in both the original article and your blog entry (that takes a very poorly written ABC article based only on speculation of a truly sensationalist professional at face value) is disappointing, if not absurd in this day and age.

Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Brandice, for contributing to the conversation. Alternate views are always welcome here.


Thanks for eventually approving my comment.

It's good to know that alternative views are welcome, although I do note the lack of response.

Anyway, I'd better go make sure I have a backup for when all the men folk are gone and I'll need someone to check my oil for me... oh, wait. I already check my own oil... AND watch sports on occasion. ;)

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