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April 02, 2008


Denise Olson

I bought my first car in Nebraska when I was stationed at Offutt - a '67 Mustang fastback just like the one in Bullitt (except for the smaller engine and automatic transmission). I was so proud of that car! Being a Florida girl not used to driving on ice and snow, I would drain the radiator for the winter and take the bus to work, but it got me out of Nebraska and down to Mississippi when I wast transferred to Keesler AFB. I gave it up for a new car (a very cool Mercury Capri) when I couldn't afford the repairs but could get a loan for a new car. The Capri was a great car, but I'm still kicking myself for giving up that classic Mustang.

Larry Lehmer

Ooh, Denise. It's a cliche that misery loves company, but I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that I wasn't the only one to let a great car slip away. However, I am sorry for your loss.



What a great story! But I'm sorry for your loss... I got the chance to ride in a '57 Chevy once and it was such a fun ride. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore.


Dru Pair

Larry, you really showed in your writing that your ‘57 Chevy was one sweet car. I love the way you wrote about your adventures with this car and the bittersweet memories of it’s demise.

Larry Lehmer

Donna: Yes, that car was fun, but to be honest at that age I probably would have had fun in any car that ran most of the time. As for your car, I don't even remember the Torino, but I do remember some of the other cars you remember.

Dru Pair: Thanks for the comment and for sharing your family stories on your blog. I, too, can visualize your coffee-slurping grandfather praying. That may be a side of him many in your family never knew about until you told them. Good work.

Bend it like Brentham

Do you have more pictures of the car? Old cars are so much better than these days. I don't see a reason why someone can't go back to the old style. All the cars these days are trying to be too 'modern' and end up being too generic.

Nicole Vickers

“Firsts” always leave a lasting memory. I can still remember how hard it was for me to give up my first car and finally buy a new one. It was a present from my grandfather. And though it was a secondhand car, I still loved that car so much.

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