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March 07, 2008


Janice Brown


Thank you for this great article and idea. I've commented on this and added my own bucket list over at Cow Hampshire.


Larry - on my list are: Bedfordshire England, home of the Bardrick side of my maternal family... Parkers Cross Roads, TN, where my great-great grandfather was wounded in the Civil War... and Summerfield, KS, where one of my Bardricks are buried despite there being a marker for her in Adair County. ~ Janet


Great idea - I saw this through Cow Hampshire, and am going to do this on my blog. Will link to you, of course!

Lori Thornton

I posted my list at http://familyhistorian.blogspot.com/2008/03/bucket-list-meme.html

Larry Lehmer

Janice: Thanks for spreading the word. I had no idea I was starting a meme.

Janet: I have ancestors from England and Tennessee, too, and I believe a few may have landed in Kansas as well. Good list.

Lidian: I look forward to your own list.

Lori: Your list sounds sooo picturesque - a vacation just waiting to happen!

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