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March 19, 2008


Deb Moore

Hi Larry,
Congrats on another great issue of Passing It On. It's just the right length to read and get some good ideas and inspiration. But I also want to respond to this blog. I still have my Brownie Starflash! I even have some flash bulbs for it. I cherish the photos I took with it and only wish there were more. I remember dropping the film off at Wyrick's Camera Center and going back a week later to pick up the snaps.
A good idea your readers might like is making an Ancester Album. I took all the old family photos grandmas and great aunts gave me, put them in my album and labeled them with birth and death dates and anything I knew about what was going on in the photo. My nieces and nephews love to go thru the album every Thanksgiving.
Best, Deb Moore

Larry Lehmer

Deb, that Ancestor Album is a great idea. And, about that Brownie Starflash ... who knew you were such a sentimental type! Good for you. I remember back in the late 1960s when I was scouring thrift shops for old rock & roll and blues records, Salvation Army stores and Goodwills were full of Starflashes and other old box cameras. I wonder if any of them had unexposed film?

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