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March 03, 2008



I left an impermanent mark in the bedroom of my family's home on Rollins Ave. here in Des Moines, because I once painted a really bold graphic design that went from window to window... no small feat because the bedroom took up the entire finished 2nd floor of the house, so the total design was about 30 feet long.

In the house where we currently live, some of the people who helped us rebuild the home after the Flood in 1993 left a mark on a header that they built to reinforce an interior archway. They wrote (on the 2 x 12 board): "God First, Others Second, Self Last."

Larry Lehmer

I wonder how many "works of art" have been painted or wallpapered over? It would be fun to peel back the wallpaper on one of those stately Sherman Hill homes, one layer at a time. Well, not exactly fun, I guess, but interesting.

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