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January 30, 2008


Stefani Twyford

Interestingly enough, medical researchers are now working on an encapsulated ink that after one or two laser treatments would completely disappear. You could technically have your cake and eat it too if you decided that that heart with MOM next to it was inappropriate after you joined the Executive Board!

Larry Lehmer

I'm sure that's an improvement, Stefani, but I'm not sure that the prospect of two laser treatments makes it worthwhile for me. I'd much rather take a "two-margarita cure."


I'm not sure that the application of a tattoo is only during times of war. I remember my son calling me (in the past 10 years) during a non-war scenario where he was tempted to get a tattoo. He was new to the military, and I suspected that boredom and peer pressure had more to do with it... and so I discouraged him. Thankfully and surprisingly he took my advice.


Larry Lehmer

That sounds to me like he was looking for a reason not to get the tattoo, Janice. You should feel proud that he thought enough of you to ask your advice then follow it. Not all parents are as fortunate.

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Does anyone know Where to get tattoos preserved after someone dies?

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