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January 18, 2008



Interesting post about clowns. I work at a Children's Clinic associated with the Shriners. There are clown dolls and paintings throughout the clinic. Some of these are ... eerie, I guess would be a good word for them. I can see how a child might even be scared of some of them. I haven't seen any child traumatized by them yet, though.

Larry Lehmer

Thanks for the comment, Colleen. I think, too, that we adults often assume that others, even children, see things from the same point of view as we do, while that's only true some of the time.

Stefani Twyford

What an interesting article Larry. I myself used to get very scared as a small child visiting Disneyland and posing for those inevitable photos standing next to a giant Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck. Even after I knew someone's eyes were staring out from the screen covered mouth opening, it still gave me the willies when my parents said, "just stand over there and let's get a great photo!"
However, saying that, I still made the same requests of my own kids. Some parents never learn eh? :-)

Larry Lehmer

That's interesting, Stefani. Sometimes parents could learn or thing or two just by paying closer attention to their kids.

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