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December 26, 2007


Janet Green

Oh no!! Larry, we traveled to Breitbach's this past summer as part of our all-women motorcycle ride and had a very memorable meal and a lovely ride to and from. I missed this news item... and am sorry to see this place gone. I hope they will rebuild, though the character of the original place is irreplacable. ~ Janet

Larry Lehmer

I'm sorry to see it go, too. And, while I hate to see any small, family-owned business suffer, a rebuilt Breitbach's just won't be anywhere near the same.


Breitbach's has been rebuilt and is now open again. Hundreds of volunteers donated their time and services to rebuild this treasure in record time. The exterior is similar to what it looked like before, but inside is much more modern. Don't have a pic yet to share.


Larry Lehmer

Thanks for the update, Dirk.


Sadly, the new Breitbach's has been burned to the ground. The fire started early this morning - exactly 10 months (to the day) after the first fire destroyed the original building. No news yet as to whether or not they will build again.


Larry Lehmer

That is sad news, indeed, Jennifer. Thanks for the update.

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