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November 12, 2007



I don't remember having "hot" professors when I was in school. I might have paid better attention if I had. :-) But he sounds like a good one regardless of his hotness.

Larry Lehmer

Hotness is such a subjective thing, anyway, don't you think? Yes, I think he is a good one.


Several years back I had an email conversation with a teacher at Gaylesville (Alabama) High School about genealogy. The English teacher and history teacher were working together to use family history as a tool for their subjects. In this small community, many families could trace their history back to the Civil War and beyond and using family letters and journals, the kids were bringing their history to life.

I've lost track of my contact and don't see anything at the school's web site showing this project continuing, but I imagine that at least a few students learned to love history because of these teachers' efforts to make it personal.

Larry Lehmer

The more I hear about this technique, the more amazed I am that history teachers don't use local/personal history to make the subject more relevant to their students. I know that technique would have worked for me as a kid. Thanks for the comment.

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