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October 19, 2007


Terry Thornton

Larry, Are you and I the only bloggers who remember pre-McDonalds? before television? before multi-family cars? before soccer moms? before every dad a little league coach?

Getting something to eat has never been easier --- but finding time to share a meal with family is more and more difficult. Meal preparation at home seems more and more a thing of the past --- but then stay-at-home moms who had time to cook and nurture and clean and supervise and etc etc are difficult to find in this age of both parents having to work to make all the payments!

Thanks for an interesting post --- and for posing a question that I think we should all reflect upon.
Terry Thornton

Larry Lehmer

While fast food is the norm these days, Terry, I'm pleased to report that there's a burgeoning "slow food" movement here in Iowa. Plus, my two sons (both excellent cooks, by the way) are practicing this welcome trend in California and England. There's hope!

Elizabeth Anderson

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Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Elizabeth. I like your post, too.

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