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September 07, 2007


Marlys Styne

I must admit that writing my personal history had nothing to do with making money, and I don't even have any grandchildren. Still, I believe that we "ordinary people" really count, and that others can profit from our passing on the lessons we've learned. Besides, I love to write. Writing is therapeutic.

I'm currently gathering memories from relatives and editing a small tribute to my mother, who died this year at age 95. Fortunately, she wrote her own story at 86, so I'm including excerpts from that. How lucky I am to have a record of her long life! She deserves to be remembered.

Seniorwriter, of "Never too Late!" and "Write your Life!"

Larry Lehmer

You're absolutely right about the value of "ordinary people," Marlys. But the fact that your mother wrote her own story at age 86 makes her extraordinary. You are, indeed, fortunate to have that. Thanks for sharing.

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