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July 27, 2007



On my blog I recently posted one of the 200+ letters my grandfather wrote home to his mother during his stint in Navy in WWI. I have transcribed all of them, and some of them will never be published on the blog....because some of them are not letters for the public to see.

He was in boot camp at the age of 17, a kid from rural Texas who referred to people who were not white, Protestant, and of "good society" by a number of what are today totally un-politically correct names. In some letters his comments about individuals are worse than unkind.

The censoring one does at the personal level of family history is a delicate balance of being true to the individual's personality, but not necessarily brutally truthful. It's a delicate balancing act. Let me know how you handle it...I need to know for future reference!

Larry Lehmer

Thanks for the observation. At the moment, I'm sticking with my default position of keeping out the critical comments. You're absolutely right about the balancing act. We weigh various factors in making decisions in our life all the time.


I love your analogy of the family stew and family history. It's so very true, isn't it? Wonderful post. Thanks for contributing to the Carnival of Genealogy.

Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Jasia. I'll look forward to your next Carnival.

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