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July 09, 2007


Carol Burns

I agree with the difference between Genealogy and Family History - personally I would rather do the latter. Much more interesting than just collecting names and dates. I enjoy visiting the areas where my ancestors came from and even seeing the homes they lived in - oh to have a time machine to travel back to get the proper feel of how they lived!.

Larry Lehmer

Given the lack of a time machine, Carol, that makes preserving family history in a historically and personally accurate context all that more important.


I was just hoping to find a great-grandmother who, I had been told as a child, was a snob.
What I found has amazed me! Genealogy and so much more. Some of the stories are right out of fiction. This 'snob' grandmother, if the story was right had done the family history of the previous 200 years, so I thought I'd continue the story. I found her, as the insurance men like to say, "From the womb to the tomb" but have had no luck finding the story of her birth family. Her husband's family first showed up on these shores in 1629. They were not famous, they just walked beside, and entertained so many of them.
Genealogy is so much more than dusty dates...if I just knew how to write a book...

Larry Lehmer

Good for you, J.L. And good for your grandmother, too. You're right about family history being more than dusty dates. Keep pushing on your book. If you can't do it yourself, check out the web site of the Association of Personal Historians. There's a good chance there's a member fairly close to you. Good luck!

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