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July 06, 2007



When my grandmother passed away, I kept the jewelry box she always had on her bedroom dresser. As a kid I remember it had some 50's-style brooches (little bugs, animals, etc.) in it... after she passed away, I was delighted to find that it had several name bracelets, and a smaller box containing her high school class ring and - surprise! - a Social Security card with her first name and a surname I didn't recognize. This presented an interesting new clue to her life's timetable - it's a mystery I'm still trying to unravel!

Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Janet. I think it's always exciting to find unexpected family treasures like that. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Kelley

Hi Larry,
My mother was huge into genealogy. She left us lots of info when she died. I am not sure info will help with tracing the Russian Nobility on my father's side. Any hints for finding information on the noble Russian Family Wolkonsky/Volkonsky before the Bolsheviks killed so many?
Barbara Kelley

Larry Lehmer

Have you tried your local genealogical society, Barbara? Sometimes local libraries can be a help in genealogical searches, too. Can any readers help Barbara find her missing relatives?

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