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April 12, 2007


sean gorham

Removing a tree from its growing location because you would like to use it for furniture is not much different than removing a tree to put a pool in, or patio, etc... Tree removal by-laws are set in place for many reasons, this is one of them. If your tree is a safty hazard then it should be removed, not because you want a new table. There are many trees in citys that are being removed becuase of hazard situations, these should be used.

Trees can be in decline for many years, upwards of 10years, and trees also add value to your property, even if in decline to a point.

carefull thought has to be put into taking a tree down that really doesn't have to come down for a few years. If its a safty problem, then thats another story.

Larry Lehmer

Thanks, Sean, for your thoughtful comments. We should all be in favor of preserving our healthy trees and finding environmentally sound uses for those that are not.

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